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Big changes for Little D

by on October 31, 2010

Concept for the Denton A Train.

At the crossroads of I-35 west and 35 east, Denton Texas is becoming a major city in North Texas. As the rest of North Texas expands, it is only fitting that Denton would do the same. It seems that wherever you look new ground is being broken. Two major developments would include the busy center of Rayzor Ranch and the zooming A-train.

The most noticeable and recent development in Denton is the construction of Rayzor Ranch. Right off highway 35 on University Boulevard, this 400 acre Mecca will soon be a gathering place for Dentonites of all ages. This project is a mix of retail, residential, office, medical, culture, hotel and of course entertainment. The anchors of the Ranch’s marketplace, Sams Club and Wal Mart, just celebrated their grand openings within the past two weeks. In addition to the two anchors, a Freebirds, Super Cuts, and mattress store have been drawing a lot of customers since opening.

Another major expansion that is still in the construction phase is the A-train. The A-train, which will span twenty-one miles and is being developed by Denton County Transportation Authority, will provide citizens of Lewisville, Highland Village, and Denton with a regional rail system that will make commuting to any of these cities a whole lot easier. An added bonus of the A-train is that it will connect to the North Carrollton/Frankford DART station. This will allow people to connect to the green line and travel to Dallas for various events. The A-train will have five stations and two of them will be in Denton. One will be located in south Denton and the other will be in downtown.

These two projects are signs that Denton is becoming a much stronger city than it was a decade ago.  These are just the first steps for this flourishing city to take great strides into the future.

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