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PR Recommendations from CDV MKTG

by on October 31, 2010

Political Category/ Social Media Recommendation

In the race for Justice of the Peace Precinct 2 in Denton, the newcomer, Vincent Venegoni, is quick to say he wants change but slow on the draw of campaigning. With no political experience, only CEO experience, a lot of residents in the community are unaware of Venegoni and his campaign.

Venegoni needs to get involved with social media. Social platforms are where people go to talk business, make recommendations and seek advice. Venegoni needs to update his LinkedIn profile, gain more connections on LinkedIn (he currently has 2,) and create and ENGAGE with people on Facebook and Twitter. He needs to be creating press releases of activities in the community included times where press can have photo ops. His campaign needs to be clearly stated on his Facebook and LinkedIn. It also might not be a bad idea to create a blog so he can post his personal thoughts about what he can do as Justice of the Peace and it would be a public forum for people to respond.

Corporate Category/ Social Media Recommendation

The Wal-Mart Supercenter on Loop 288 has very poor ratings and reviews. Common complaints are about inconvenient store layout, bad customer service, long lines, empty shelves, and it’s dirty and unsafe. Two people mention that the automotive service made their car problems worse. Many people are driving farther to a different store.

Wal-Mart is supposed to be a convenient store, so it really needs to fix its reputation so people won’t be afraid to shop there. It needs to remodel. The store needs to be clean and easy to navigate to people can find items easily. Perhaps having a newer appearance and adding more parking lot lights would make it feel a lot safer. Maybe they need to re-build the entire store. They need to train their employees to have better customer service. Employees should be monitored and reviewed on how helpful and friendly they are. To avoid the problem of long lines, more registers should be open. To get more customers, perhaps Wal-Mart could have special sales only good at the Denton location. If the deals are good enough, it will entice people to come to the store and see the newly remodeled center. They could also have a step-by-step video of re-building the store, posted on Facebook, YouTube, and even the Wal-Mart website, so consumers could see the progress they are making.

Entertainment Category/ Social Media Recommendation 

Golden Triangle Mall was foreclosed last summer. A new company has just taken over to try to save the mall and help it recover its “dead” image. The location of the mall is very valuable, and with some new survivor techniques the mall could remain the central pull of the Loop 288 traffic.

The mall could recover its reputation by remodeling. It needs to update its layout and open new high-profile and trendy stores. If it looked newer, it would appear like a more fun place to shop. It could open local stores that are unique to Denton, so people would be forced to shop there if it’s the only store of its kind in town. Golden Triangle also needs to emphasize its convenient location, and try to focus on the idea of a place for friends to meet and hang out. On social media, it could have some kind of contest and the winner would get a shopping spree.



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