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Bush Sells Out (of tickets)

by on November 15, 2010
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On November 17th, former United States President and Texas state governor George W. Bush will be the honored guest and speaker at The University of North Texas Coliseum as part of the universities Distinguished Lectures Series. The highly anticipated event has already sold out of tickets well in advance of Mr. Bush’s lecture.

Lectures becoming crowded or sold out are not uncommon to the university due to the popularity of speakers ranging from former TV host Bill Nye the Science Guy to Mexico’s former president, Vicente Fox. Students were allowed one free ticket, and could have purchased an additional 3 tickets for friends and family at a reduced cost of $15. Faculty and staff could have also purchase reduced cost tickets, and the general public had a fee of up to $30 to attend the lecture.

Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available for any fee, due to a sold out attendance. As with any political gathering, protests to Mr. Bush’s appearance have also been scheduled by the International Socialist Organization and other groups to occur during the former president’s lecture. Many students have joined the protest mainly in disagreement with his lecture fee of $100,000 being too high a cost while UNT experiences a hiring freeze and continues to raise tuition fees.

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