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by on November 22, 2010

A small town like Denton, Texas at first doesn’t seem like a likely candidate for having a killer hip hop scene. But on the contrary Denton has its own hip hop music scene that adds onto the already diverse music scene located here. Thanks to bands like Astronautalis, a Florida born hip hop artist, who frequently plays venues in Denton. Such as Haileys, and Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio. I have been lucky enough to catch Astronautalis twice in my life. Last Wednesday I caught his show at Haileys off the square. He performed with Doomtree, and P.O.S. His is a one man act with just his voice and a Mac laptop. He played songs of all his albums including my favorite song “The Wondersmith and His Sons”. Another entertaining part of his shows is the freestyle. He takes suggestions from the audience about random topics, such as the cowboys stadium, daycare, and plaid shirts. Then he drops a beat and starts flowing. Its amazing to see how his mind works and comes up with songs and verses so quickly. Shows take place every week and every once in a while you get to watch talented acts like Astronautalis grace the stage of your local hangout. Hip hop and dub step are taking over Denton, Texas. Even though we don’t have a huge venue here bands continue to make Denton a big stop on their tours because of the crowd, and music goers that call Denton home.


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