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Suburban Nature

by on November 15, 2010
Sarah Jaffe

Image Credit: Melanie Gomez

Sarah Jaffe had a goodbye show back in May when she kicked off a tour in support of her new album Suburban Nature. Old fans, friends and family crowded in to wish her good luck in New York. Her band mates Robert Gomez, Jeff Ryan and Backi Howard played with her. The show was held at Dan’s Silverleaf, where she had previously worked as a bartender. The venue reached capacity before the opening band even began.

Since New York, she has been touring the country and making appearances. Songs from her new album can be heard on the radio, and she has a new music video for the single “Clementine.”

The video was directed by Jon Collins. The 6 men in the video are her closest 6 male friends. These men come from some of the most popular Denton bands. Will Johnson is from Centro-matic; Jeremy Buller is from Bosque Brown; Glen Farris plays with Denton musician, Doug Burr, and Trenton Wheeler is from the Denton band Seryn.

The video was filmed in Argyle, which is located just outside of Denton. They wanted to keep everything in the video as close to Denton as possible. Argyle was about 110 degrees the first day they shot the video. Her yellow robe was made of polyester so she was burning up for the entirety of the day. The robe was actually made by a Denton-ite names Rachel Nichelson, one of Jaffe’s good friends. Another local designer, Christina Shoto, designed the men’s costumes. They were inspired by a European photographer.

Fans have been pondering the meaning behind her video. The video features a tug-of-war with the six men, and Jaffe herself is also featured flying, being baptized, and experiencing a nose bleed.

“When Jon and I first met together to discuss topics [of the] video, I knew just a little bit of what I saw vision-wise, but the only thing that I certainly knew was [that] I wanted to fly and later have a nose bleed,” said Jaffe.

The baptism scene was filmed at Hamilton Pool, which is a nature preserve about 30 miles west of Austin.

“There is really no explanation for this nose bleed other than [that] I think they are just really cool looking. I also like to go to the mall. So, I think nose bleeds are cool and I like to go shopping at the mall. That’s me in a nutshell, really deep and complex. No reason at all. I just think they are really visceral looking. My dreams have come true. I get to fly and have a nose bleed,” said Jaffe.

The video is designed to be interpreted different ways for different viewers. Check out the music video and find your own interpretation.

Sarah Jaffe will be returning to Dan’s Silverleaf  in Denton on November 21 at 7:30. Get your tickets early and find a seat early because the show fills up and sells out fast!

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