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Denton shows it’s a place where…

by on November 15, 2010

Early this week, Denton was ranked 13th in America’s fastest growing cities. And looking through the news, it shows.

…progressive solutions reign.

Denton is home to the fourth largest university in the state. The University of North Texas is quickly being regarded as one of the most forward thinking schools of the state. Earlier this week, the school’s Board of Regents unanimously approved construction of three wind turbines near the school’s up-coming football stadium. These turbines would power the new gorgeous stadium with up to 40 percent renewable energy. Combine that with a wind farm in Munster that generates another 40 percent of the energy used by the city of Denton, and you have a very clean location. Forward thinking at its finest! The school’s interim (and permanent candidate finalist as of last week) president, V. Lane Rawlins, has declared his priority to make UNT a Tier 1 school, both academically and athletically.

…ideas get recognition.

This week, a student from the award winning North Texas Daily was graced by having her story and photos run on 3 television spots on NBC5. Sara Jones was out taking photos of a police dog demonstration. Noticing how emaciated a dog was, she snapped off a few photos. She was so disturbed by the images, she was moved to write her first story for the paper where she holds a position as a photographer, designer, and copy assistant. This story made the front page. If that wasn’t exciting enough, the pictures and story got picked up by the local NBC affiliate within 12 hours.

I just happened to be sitting next to Sara in Intro to Poli Sci when she got the call. Huge smile on her face, she bounded out of the large auditorium to receive the news that would make her year, the acknowledgement of a lifetime.

…businesses can thrive.

Earlier this week, Beth Marie’s was named the Best Downtown Business in Texas at the Texas Downtown Association’s President’s Awards Program in El Paso. Beth Marie’s has become a huge part of Denton’s downtown square since its opening in 1998. The restaurant beat out hundreds of other similar businesses from around the state, from San Angelo to Wichita Falls. Beth Marie’s has been such a great addition to the Square.

Denton has truly become a place worth knowing.


Links to seed: – America’s fastest growing cities – UNT Board of regents approve wind turbines – Vet calls Denton PD K-9 dog “too skinny” – Developing story – Denton K-9 – Beth Marie’s earns state recognition – District lights up area with nightlife, entertainment


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