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A Guide To Antique Shopping

by on November 15, 2010

Anyone who has ever gone antiquing knows there are just a few things to know before you head out on the search.  Here are just a few easy tips for the next time you hunt for those great finds!

Keep an eye out for gifts. Items with initials or dates make great personalized gifts. Scoop up vintage scarves, hand towels or linens as an alternative to wrapping paper. Tiny treasures such as a vintage brooch can be used to top off packages instead of the regular bow or ribbon.

Find new uses for old things. Always think about creative ways to repurpose antiques. For instance, a small silver cup could become a toothbrush holder; a pretty teacup could be used as a votive holder.

Know how much to pay. A simple rule of thumb is to pay what makes you feel comfortable. Also, know that “antique” doesn’t necessarily mean expensive.

Negotiate with good manners. The best way to get a fair price on items you love is to ask the dealer, “This is a really beautiful piece—what’s your best price on this?” That shows you want to negotiate but also gives the dealer a gracious way of saying ‘That is my best price.'” If the seller is willing to negotiate, you will certainly be able to tell with their response.

Become an expert. Know the ins and outs in the field you are interested in. Buy, collect, find great buys, and don’t worry about spending “too much” now and then for something that is a great addition to your collection.

Be prepared. Don’t ride a bike to go antiquing. Bring along boxes, blankets, rope, or whatever you may need to pack up and safely take home that special purchase.

Here are just a few places to put these tips to the test in Denton:

County Seat Antiques
116 North Locust
Denton, TX
W. Douglas Antiques
109 W Hickory
Denton, TX
Downtown Mini Mall
118 North Locust Street
Denton, TX
The Antique Gallery
5800 N-I-35, Suite 400
Denton, TX
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