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Denton’s Historic Past

by on November 14, 2010

Many people know about Fry St. and the Courthouse on the Square.  Not too well known, though, are three other historical landmarks in the city of Denton which showcase the extensive and important past of Denton.


Denton Historical Park


The Denton Historical Park consists of The Courthouse on the Square Museum, The Bayless-Selby House Museum and The Denton County African American Museum. The Elm Ridge Church, Old No. 14 Firehouse, a Welcome Center, and a 1890’s Outhouse will be added to the park for visitors to enjoy. The Bayless Selby house was designed with the 19th century Victorian Queen Anne architecture style, which complements the Victorian era relics displayed at the museum. The museum features Victorian fashion, culture and hardware. The African American Museum chronicles the history and lives of African American families in Denton County.  Museum proceeds benefit the City of Denton. Funding from the museums, as well as donations from various sources, is helping keep the city’s history and beauty alive.


TWU Little Chapel in the Woods:

The Little Chapel in the Woods is located on the TWU campus. The Chapel was designed by well-known architect O’Neil Ford, and was built by more than 300 TWU students and faculty members in 1938 and 1930. The Chapel seats 110 people, including seating in the balcony. The Chapel features eight beautiful, stained glass windows and three panels above the altar that were designed to tell the story of “Women Ministering to Human Needs” through services such as nursing, teaching, music, and motherhood. The first wedding in the Chapel took place in September of 1939 and, a month later, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt dedicated the Little Chapel.



The Denton Women’s Club:

The Denton Women’s Club was built in 1928 with funds raised solely by members of the club. The building features an elegant, vintage living room, vaulted and beamed ceilings, and a Garden Room with French doors. The building has been used for club meetings and social gatherings for 82 years, and is also available for events including weddings, family reunions, business meetings, showers, and other social functions.

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