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Suggestions for the Denton CVB

by on November 8, 2010

The Denton CVB should create and maintain a Facebook fan page. People of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles are on Facebook, and networking and word-of-mouth are incredibly valuable. The CVB could use the page to inform fans of horse country tours and upcoming events as well as nearby hotels and places to shop. Denton could then “friend” other cities to reach people who are planning to travel to Dallas or Fort Worth. The CVB would need to keep the page updated with pictures and information, and monitor for spam, but otherwise it’s a cheap, easy way to connect with people. needs to be redesigned to be more functional and attractive. The layout looks amateur and is hard to read. The right half of the page is empty on most of the articles, and the text is hard to read. The search bar also needs to be moved so that users can find exactly what they are seeking. The Denton CVB should make the Denton Live website look more like the Discover Denton website. There should be less text and information should be grouped better. Plus, the websites will look related, giving Denton a more unified image online.

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