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Social Media Suggestions

by on November 8, 2010

Social Media Suggestion – YouTube
Denton CVB needs to create a YouTube channel to connect to citizens, business travelers and all future people that might stay in a hotel. The CVB could post weekly clips of city activities and places. It could be like a “virtual tour” for visitors to watch before they plan their trip. The short videos require quality editing and need to overall look appealing. You shouldn’t market your city, but engage and want people to generally visit. Also, if you use proper tags, titles and descriptions then the videos will also show up on regular search engines.

This Denton video shows all the reasons to visit, but maybe they could have a separate video for each activity.

Grapevine gives viewers an inside look at one of the city’s activities. This is how the Denton CVB should format.


Social Media Suggestion – Foursquare
The Denton CVB should work together with community businesses to promote their city on Foursquare. The users have the ability to leave comments, add photos, people will “review,” talk about their experiences with the location/product/service in an uncurated way.

  • The CVB can create a program on Foursquare so when people check in to certain locations throughout the city, the user will see discounts, tips or advice. For example, once they check in they will see “20% off your purchase courtesy of The Denton Conventions & Visitor Bureau.” or “Try the cheesecake for dessert, it’s delicious!”
  • Foursquare users receive virtual badges when they check into certain locations a certain amount of times. The CVB could host a “swarm event” at a certain spot in town and if 50 or more people show up and check in, they will receive a swarm badge. Yes, people actually do this!
  • A very creative idea done by Pennsylvania Tourism Board was handing out itineraries with different road trips across town encouraging users to check in on Foursquare to receive badges. The CVB does all the planning, maps it out and the users just have to follow along on their smartphones.

Chicago is also partnered with Foursquare, here is a press release on how they use their services.



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