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DART to Denton

by on November 8, 2010

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Denton County is the second fastest growing county in the nation. With this exponential growth, comes lots of traffic. But welcome the new DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) railway system. DART has been on a major overhaul to expanded its rail system. With locations going across all of Dallas Fort Worth area, the City of Denton will finally receive its own line of rail system. The current plan is to have the DART train run to the North Carrollton/Frankford Station, where it will then switch over to the DCTA (Denton County Transit Authority) operated A-train. The A-train will pass through a total of five stations located between the North Carrollton/Frankford Station and the Downtown Denton station, which will be the farthest north station. The stations will be the Hebron station, Old Town station, Highland Village/Lake Lewisville station, Medpark station, and the last, Downtown Denton Transit Center station. The Downtown Denton station will be located between Hickory and Sycamore streets (north to south) and Bell and Railroad avenues (west to east). The new A-train and DART trains hopefully will be a much needed relief to commuter traffic along I-35 toward Dallas., and give Dentonites an opportunity to explore and travel to all parts of D/FW quickly, safely and affordably.

Here are 5 great benefits about the new Train system coming soon.

  1. Free up commuter traffic congestion along I-35
  2. Much cheaper alternative to go all the way to Downtown Dallas, by saving gas
  3. A more environmental friendly way to travel
  4. Allows those who don’t own a car to travel
  5. Safer way to travel

What other ways might the A-Train benefit the City of Denton, cast you opinion below.




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