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CVB Suggestions -MuST Marketing

by on November 8, 2010

1.       The Denton CVB should add a forum to their website where people can post comments on the events, restaurants, etc… featured on the website that they have had a personal experience with. This will allow potential visitors to see what locals and other people who have visited Denton think about the different aspects of Denton. In addition to giving more detailed information on the website, it will make the site more interactive for its viewers. When you have a more interactive website you will have repeat visitors who will want to share their experiences. Also, visitors will always have the newest and most up-to-date information available to them.

The CVB should also consider adding a calendar that will allow locals to post their own events. This will add another venue for visitors to interact with the site, as well as give potential visitors more reason to visit Denton. Some events last only one day or, like the North Texas State Fair, are only entertaining for one day. So, if there is another event going on that same weekend, people would be more likely to stay for more than just the one day. The employees of the CVB can’t be expected to know every little event happening around town, so if those throwing the event can post it themselves, Denton will seem even more happening to potential visitors. Events that locals will be able to post can range from high school or university athletic events to church fund raisers to sales at local businesses.


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