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Residents help prepare for Super Bowl

by on November 7, 2010

In about 90 days, Cowboy Stadium in North Texas will host Super Bowl XLV, attracting fans from across the country. Many people are worried about the endless traffic, cars and trucks polluting the areas. With an expected huge number of visitors to the city, many residents are worried about the impacts the game will have on their city. But there are some out there that will have the environment’s back.

Keep Denton Beautiful has begun a process to plant trees around the surrounding areas. 45 trees, subtly linked to Super Bowl XLV, are being planted in each of the 12 cities participating in an initiative to prepare for the onslaught of pig-skin fans.

Keep Denton Beautiful has been hard at work to prepare. In late October the group gave away one thousand trees for residents to plant, complete with mulch and training.

And they are doing it again! KDB will be hosting another tree give-away in December.

“Did you know that 100 trees remove 26 tons of carbon dioxide and 305 pounds of pollutants from our air each year?”

To participate in this December give-away, you must pre-register before picking up your tree. Be sure to keep checking the KDB site for the registration opening. Help the city prepare for the Big Game and join us and Keep Denton Beautiful.

As someone who has never helped plant trees, I’ll be there. What should I expect? Who out there has participated in boosting the environment? What should I expect. Leave your comments and responses in the comments section below.


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  1. TeamMayborn: The Super Grow tree planting was sponsored by the NFL Environmental Committee. They donated 45 trees to Denton and are hosting similar events in participating Super Bowl host communities around the Metroplex. Keep Denton Beautiful partnered with them to facilitate the one last Saturday in Denton.

    Keep Denton Beautiful has only one Tree Giveaway each year, traditionally held on the third Saturday in October. Our Tree Giveaway is not affiliated in any way with the Super Grow initiative. KDB will not be giving away additional trees in December. While we would like to be able to offer more trees, we operate with a limited budget as a non-profit. However, please make plans to register for our 12th Annual Community Tree Giveaway in October 2011!

    You may also be thinking of our NeighborWoods program, another tree program where residents can apply for free trees and mulch for their homeowner associations or neighborhood groups. These applications will be available online in late December. More information on both of these programs can be found on our website,

    More information on the Super Grow XLV program can be found here:

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