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Ideas for the Denton CVB

by on November 7, 2010

Apps (For iOS or Android)

Mobile applications have a very low cost to deploy as licensing is usually free or low priced, and the level of programing expertise required to write such an application is also very low. The audience size is also very large, and continues to a fast growing market. The resources available on mobile devices provide a wealth of relevance to the core audiences needs. Many mobiles include GPS and compass features that could be used to locate popular events and attractions. Ads for local businesses could also be placed within the app to help cover development costs

(YouTube Channel)

Residents of the Dallas Fort-Worth area would find it easier to find information from the Denton CVB if they were to post videos on YouTube.  To entice viewers to come to Denton they can watch quick promotional videos with such subject matter as horse country, Denton events and nightlife.  Visitors could be able to get sneak peaks of horse stables ad the wide open spaces that horses are able to inhabit.   How better to capture the music scene in Denton than to actually view past performances by local musicians and artists?

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