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Denton CVB Suggestions – ACE Marketing

by on November 7, 2010

Use Social Media!

One thing the Denton CVB could start using to their advantage is social media.  They need to have accounts on all popular social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumbleupon, Digg and MySpace.  They need to, not only post daily Denton activities and events on the news feeds, but also seed the Denton CVB websites coverage on these stories into their news feed blurbs.  The Denton CVB website needs to post these social media updates on their website, also.  Visitors to the website need to know the CVB has an event page on their favorite social media sites so they can become members of the CVB group page.  This will ensure that the website viewers will also know about all the new events going on from the news feed posts.


Use weekly email agendas!

The Denton CVB needs to have an area where the website viewers can sign up to be on an emailing list.  This emailing list is a way to get information out to people who are interested in Denton events.  The CVB can send out weekly emails that have the entire agenda for the events going on in Denton during that certain week.  The weekly emails are a more current reminder of local Denton events than even Denton Live magazine, which is monthly and has the agenda for the entire month.  If future Denton guests are getting weekly emails that are closer to the date of the event, they will be more likely to remember to go to the event.  Posting the email sign-up list on the CVB social media pages is also a good idea.


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