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Puck Off Football

by on November 1, 2010

When the word “sports” comes up on the campus of The University of North Texas, many students immediately think of football. Football, football, football…it’s what the State of Texas is all about. The UNT football team gains support from thousands of fans, and although with an unimpressive record, fans still come out to tailgate and enjoy games every Saturday night. With a sport that is so popular on campus, it’s hard for the “little guys” to gain popularity and fan base, especially if they are just a “club” sports.

The University of North Texas Inline Hockey Club is a pair of teams that deserve to be recognized and supported by UNT students. The club is divided up into two teams, an “A” team and a “B” team, and both teams are a force to be reckoned with. Belonging to the SCHL (Southwest Collegiate Hockey League), which is a division of the NCRHA (National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association), the two teams have combined for a total of six league championships in the past four years, and have also been ranked in the top ten inline hockey teams in the nation. Both teams have represented UNT at the National level and respect for the Mean Green teams has been growing across the nation.

The UNT Hockey Division I team celebrates their 2010 championship.

The two teams consist of ten players on the “A” team and up to 18 players on the “B” team. Their season consists of approximately 24 games each including at least four out of region games that may send the teams to Florida, Missouri, and even possibly Pennsylvania. While playing in-league games, taking on opponents such as Texas Tech, UT Austin, The University of Louisiana Lafayette, and more, the UNT squads will be playing home games out of a brand new arena called Lone Star Sports, located in Denton at the intersection of Teasley & Coronado.

A few quick things you may not know about UNT Hockey:

  • The club was formed in 1997.
  • UNT has been the only team in the SCHL history to finish the season with a perfect record (26-0).
  • In 2008, six members of UNT made up the 12 member SCHL All-star Team.
  • The “A” team was ranked fourth in the nation in 2010.
  • The band “Bowling for Soup” has been a huge fan of the club since it’s creation.

Captain Sam Haslam skates the puck down the rink.

With every passing season, the hockey fan base continues to expand, if you would like to come out and support your Mean Green, please visit to view the team’s schedule. Also, although tryouts have already taken place, the teams always welcome new players to come and start practicing with the team and possibly join next semester. For more information regarding practice times and joining the team, please contact Bryn Agnew (903)-517-9293. For more information about the SCHL league, visit

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