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PR Recommendations for ACE Marketing

by on November 1, 2010


This story is mentioning that the Denton based singer, Meat Loaf, may have a personality disorder.  This kind of negative press could possibly hurt the reputation of the Denton music scene.  A good way to that negative attention away from Denton is to aim towards the more positive artist stories.  We should blog on the popular artists, such as Bowling for Soup, Norah Jones, and Eli Young Band, that have come from Denton and their positive achievements instead.  These stories would be posted on blogs of popular local music sites such as,, and  These sites get a lot of local traffic from those that are big into the Denton music scene.  Covering up the negative press from artists that emerged from Denton with positive achievements is the best route to keeping the Denton music scene’s good reputation.


Apple’s response to users is very lacking.  I would be sure to give them a concrete release date instead of one that keeps moving around.  This makes them seem like they don’t know what they are doing, or that the white phone will be full of errors or ship with a giant bug.  The correct thing to do here would be to keep in contact with the public and not announce a date until they are sure of it, like the first iPhone launch.


Bill Barnett, a Denton democrat, is running to replace republican Joe Holland as Denton County Justice of the Peace Precinct 1. Barnett’s campaign promises include a focus on truancy and community expectations. He does not, however, speak ill of Holland, and simply says he thinks he can do a better job. Holland has publicly remarked that Barnett can not say anything bad about his job as Justice of the Peace because he has done a good job and has a “solid record of community service.”

Refraining from mud slinging is a good move from Barnett, especially because he is the challenger in the race. As the incumbent, Holland likely already has the public’s trust while Barnett still has to earn it. He can earn the trust of the community by keeping up his image as a community man and a “stand-up guy,” not by trashing others. Barnett keeps the focus on what he will do in office, which includes more aggressive efforts against truancy. This is a wise decision if truancy is truly a problem in Denton. By pointing out that it is a problem and why, he is also drawing attention to the things Holland is not getting done as Justice of the Peace. This is an effective strategy because it shows Barnett’s strengths, points out the incumbent’s weakness, and does not make him look like the bad guy in the process.


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