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Getting Big Air to Dirt in North Texas!

by on November 1, 2010

Normally when people think about freestyle motocross you think of California. Temecula, CA is probably the epicenter for all fmx. But little did you know that Krum, Texas  has its own scene and freestyle compound complete with ramps and a foam pit! I had that chance to interview one of the atv freestyle riders of the Bombsquad Battalion, J.R. Hinds.


Me: How old are you?

J.R: 23

Me: are you originally from Texas?

J.R: no I’m from Akron Ohio

Me: Oh random, what brings you out to north Texas?

J.R: atv freestyle motocross

Me: how long have you been riding?

J.R: since I was 3

Me: Wow that’s a long time! what makes the Denton/ north Texas area so attractive to riders?

J.R: Its just the only place for quads with a foam pit

Me: its a dangerous sport, have you had any serious injuries from riding?

J.R: Yeah, a shattered left heel broken right heel broken wrist tore both my meniscus in my knees and broke both my cheek bones from my eye sockets to my top row of teeth.

Me: Those are some gnarly injuries! Was it a difficult sport to get into?

J.R: It was random I just came down to try and flip a quad into the foam pit and I basically just stayed.

Me: Any advice or recommendations for beginners who want to get into fmx?

J.R: Wear gear and start small.

Me: Where can people in the Denton area go if they are interested in learning more about motocross and fmx?

J.R: Find a track near you and check out a practice night or race day.

Me: Describe one of your best/most memorable moment you had while riding?

J.R: I was at a show and the backflip had been haunting me for months so out of nowhere I said quit being a chicken and pull a flip. Well I did and it was the most intense feeling I’ve ever had I was coming down off adrenaline for days!

Me: I can only imagine! Watching someone flip a quad is absolutely nuts they are so heavy its amazing. Good Job! So can regular people go out to watch or ride in Krum?

J.R: nope just insiders

Me: Bummer. Is there any other places around here you could recommend?

J.R: village creek, i-35 mx, cycle center of Denton for practices and information on quads and bikes. I just bought a Gsxr 750 from cycle center not too long ago. I love it.


There you have it guys. If you have always been into motocross and/or freestyle and live in the Denton area. Hit up Village Creek Track or Cycle Center here in Denton. Later!



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