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10 helpful tips to survive 8AM classes

by on November 1, 2010

8 AM classes.  Everyone has them.  Everyone hates them, even when you’re a morning person. There is just something about sitting in a classroom, for however long, that early in the morning.  Here are some helpful tips to make it through the most insufferable classes.

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#10. When doing homework, make sure to do your morning class assignments first. That way, if you’re stuck working till the middle of the night (as we usually all are) the mound of school work you fall asleep on will not be your morning classes “need to finish tonight” assignment.

#9. It’s helpful to keep on a regular schedule, for most people this means using a planner, or calendar… but for others, this is also useful.

#8. Give yourself enough time to get ready in the morning. If you don’t, you may get to class and find out you forgot that important assignment you stayed up working on.

#7. For some people, working out early in the morning helps to get them wide awake. This might mean a jog around the block, or some other innovative ideas to get you up and… going.

#6. When you finally get to class, make sure to stay away from the ‘chipper’ people. They talk too much and tend to get on your nerves, before you have even taken a sip of your coffee. NOTE: These will also be the people who complain about their grades, because they tend to keep talking when the teacher is giving out instructions that they later mess up.

#5. Everyone is a fan of coffee, or some form of caffeine. But before you get carried away with that extra large energy drink make sure to balance it out with some water.  It will make your stomach feel better later on in the day.

#4. On that note, make sure to eat a healthy breakfast. There are alternatives for those of us running out the door as well. Healthy, easy to make, protein shake recipes can be found online. Make sure to take special note of the source you are getting these recipes from. Its probably better to stay away from something like this…(and if you are brave enough to do it, please make us a better video)

#3. Don’t forget Traffic! Everyone’s favorite morning ritual!

#2. It may be helpful to start off the day with some musical motivation!

#1. Finally, everyone always wants to blame the alarm clock when they are running late; however, if you can’t find the alarm clock… you can’t hit that snooze button!!

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