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Denton Residents, Use Protection

by on October 31, 2010

mosquitoWe don’t expect to be exposed to the West Nile virus living in Denton, but we are. A recent test of Unicorn Lake put us at a risk level three, of five total levels, of exposure to this sickening disease as of September 2nd. This is why we want to inform everyone to use protection; we must protect ourselves from the bloodsucking, disease carrying mosquitoes.

Thankfully we are getting closer to winter and these insects will soon be gone but until then, and for when they return in the spring, bug spray is a must! Wearing protective clothing that covers a majority of the body will also help in keeping ourselves protected from these pests. Residents have also been advised not to leave standing pools of water nearby as these can serve as breeding grounds for the insects.

We need to take note of the symptoms of West Nile, which are headaches, disorientation, fever, and neck stiffness. The risk of residents catching this disease is not high but we must take safety precautions regardless. The city will inform us after their next sampling session and hopefully the risk level will decrease. Until then, Denton residents please protect yourself, especially if you plan to attend any outdoor events or activities.

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