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A Few Things You Might Not Know About Beth Marie’s Ice Cream

by on October 31, 2010

Photo Credit: Beth Marie's

Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream is a local landmark in Denton, TX. Recently the ice cream parlor has expanded to a new location at Unicorn Lake by the Cinemark Movie Theater and on the UNT campus. It is a great gathering spot after those long strolls around the square, an excellent break during finals week and a perfect treat after a movie.

Beth Marie’s has over 80 flavors of ice cream and the menu changes seasonally. Right now they are featuring a Texas Ranger’s World Series flavor. A more interesting and little known fact is you can purchase Beth Marie’s homemade ice cream in all Central Market stores in Texas. Before all you UNT Alum jump out of your seat and grab your keys, find out how they landed the new market and come up with their ever-so delicious and interesting flavors.

“Well, it took some diligence,” explained Bob Moses a retired TX Instruments physicist and one of the three partners that has owned Denton’s Beth Marie’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream since 2003. “The supplier of our ice cream mix is Hill Country Dairies and they were also distributing some frozen products to Central Market.  They offered to make the introduction to Central Market.  So Ken Willis, the operations manager opened the discussions to see if we had common values.” Luckily for us consumers, “[Beth Marie’s] had some very important common values.” Those standards included, “First, we are a local Texas business with a strong product. Second, we support the community in many efforts.  Central Market was looking for a company with flexibility that could offer signature flavors.  Beth Marie can actually create signature ice cream flavors.” No one can argue with that.

Moses continued to explain, “When the Central Market buyer came to Beth Marie’s, and they sampled over 30 flavors.  Then we settled on featuring seven of our flavors in all the Central Market stores throughout Texas. Right now we are in pint size, in the future we will be distributing larger containers possibly quart or half gallon.  We also have the ability to rotate flavors.  Central Market will now be featuring our 3 holiday flavors.  There is only so much shelf space available at Central Market and we have to work with the buyer.”

Photo Credit: NT Daily

Moses and the other business partners know a thing or two about branding to get this far. Moses reflected, “It takes a quality product with a good image and high standards. It is very important to have good locations. Beth Marie’s has [locations at] UNT, Unicorn Lake and of course the Denton Square. We feel it is important to advertise consistently and monitor the use of our logo properly.  It also is important to support the community.”  The owners of Beth Marie’s are very involved in the community.  Ken Willis is a partner of Beth Marie’s and is their operations manager.  Willis and Moses serve on the Board of Directors for Main Street.  Ken is also the owner of Ruby’s Diner. Moses believes, “Beth Marie’s has done so much for the revitalization of the Denton Square.”

And how do they come up with all their flavors? “Community connections can lead to a branding for a personality flavor,” explained Moses. “For example, Frenchy [of Frenchy’s Lawn & Tree] loves our orange sherbet and he wanted to make us a deal. He offered that if anyone came into Beth Marie’s store when he was there and ordered an orange sherbet—it would be his treat.” Beth Marie’s thought that was good promotion.  Frenchy’s success led to Peterbilt Denton wanting a personalized flavor. “They hosted a flavor contest with their employees and submitted recipes to Beth Marie’s.  We voted on a recipe and now Peterbilt has their personalized flavor, too” described Moses.

Photo Credit: UNT

More recently the general managers, Margaret Rich and Ashley Meyer, wanted to support the Texas Rangers Baseball Team and came up with a Ranger World Series ice cream flavor and sundae promotion. Beth Marie’s also has a Mean Green flavor and “would like to offer a TWU an opportunity for a personalized flavor” declared Moses.

The decision makers at Beth Marie’s have high ambitions for their ice cream in the next five years. Moses proclaimed “There is always a possibility to expand outside Texas with a franchise business.”

Okay, now you can go to Central Market and take your own pint of ice cream home to enjoy or head to your nearest location to try the Ranger’s World Series flavor!


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