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by on October 31, 2010

Denton has long been known as a place to find unique art, be it in music, sculpture, burlesque……yes burlesque has a home here as well. On October 15th, Honey Coco Bordeaux and Dr. Skotch presented the Tiki-a-go-go Dance Party at The Boiler Room off of Denton’s town square. The evening consisted of burlesque performances, which contrary to popular belief are not the same erotic performances seen at many strip clubs. Burlesque combines vaudeville performances with acts sometimes only seen at a circus, and adds a cheeky flair of sensuality. Nudity is often limited to toplessness and at most venues pasties are also required.

The acts ranged from strip teases, fire dances and blowing, and culminated at the end with go-go dancers on stage inspiring the rest of the crowd to boogie. Between the burlesque and go-go a sessions, a limbo contest broke out between the performers and the audience. Attendees were encouraged to arrive wearing kitschy Hawaiian shirts and grass skirts in order to complete the theme. Although these performances are not uncommon in Denton, there is talk of these performances becoming a weekly attraction.

Here’s a video of the limbo contest that took place

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