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PR Recommendations from CDV MKTG

by on October 24, 2010

Sports Category/ Social Media Recommendation:

The damaging PR is focused on the football player and his parents. The allegations are that they moved to the Carroll ISD so Daxx (student) could be the quarterback for the Carroll Dragons.  The rules state that you can’t move to a school district just for sports. The family still has a home in Oklahoma where the father apparently works. The whole scenario looks unfavorably that the family and the school broke the rules.

The family needs to sell or lease their house in Oklahoma fast. After all, they put their son in this position and they should cut Oklahoma ties. Then they should use Facebook to promote that the father made a career move to this area.  The Facebook should be specific with photos of where he works etc. Then, Daxx the quarterback can improve his image through Facebook and Twitter by doing some community service. While he is sitting out of the season he can spend time with Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels and Food Drive efforts as an example.  Using social media, he should Tweet, Blog and Facebook with photos about his effort to take care of those less fortunate.   This should be done on a regular basis like weekly throughout the year. This will also improve his stance with U of Arizona where he intends to play next year as well as shake the image that he is a wealthy, arrogant football player that doesn’t have to play by the rules as indicated by the comments.

Political Category/ Social Media Recommendation:

I recommend Eddie Bernice Johnson follow steps 1-4 then Tweet, Blog, Facebook and include photos of how she is trying to right a wrong.

1. Apologize and resign from the Congressional Black Caucus Board immediately
2.  Pay back the $31,000 of misappropriated scholarship funds.
3. Personally send a letter to Davetta Carter the student that was denied a scholarship and offer her a scholarship towards her education.
4. Go through all previous scholarship applications and offer a written apology and some type of retro educational assistance.

Corporate Category/ Social Media Recommendation:

Unfortunately, Steve Jobs should let the PR Dept. handle the emails which he has no patience for. This student should be treated with respect. Apple’s brand reputation at risk: a college student asked him for help, and he gave her an unprofessional, rude response. Apple should fix its image and recover from this story, or people may doubt their customer service and not ask the company for help or concerns, which may include switching brands.

One PR effort the company should make to recover its reputation should be to give the student a heartfelt apology, preferably in person, and possibly give her an Apple product or a discount on Apple products in the future. He could also explain to her professor why the student was unable to get the quote needed for her paper. To prevent future issues, Steve Jobs should reply more professionally to inquiries. He could just say “We’ll process your request” or a generic message until he is able to fully understand the situation and come up with a solution.



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