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What Now?

by on October 24, 2010

Now that Todd Dodge has been fired from coaching the UNT Football program, how should the school move forward?  We asked students, players, trainers, and alumni alike and came up with five solutions commonly recommended that the fans want to see.

1. Bring back Darrell Dickey.

He was the last coach to bring some prominence to the program, and with the opening of the new stadium it makes perfect sense to have him back. Four consecutive Sun Belt titles. Wins over Boise State, who is now one of the top 3 teams in the nation. Not to mention the four consecutive bowl berths.  Dickey showed the team how to win and should be brought back to help us win more.

2. Better assistant coaching.

Based on the injuries, it’s clear that a strength and conditioning coach needs to be hired that won’t have our players getting hurt on the field.  The injury bug strikes many teams but it seems that it’s hit UNT harder than most teams, which can more than likely be traced back to coaching.

3. Hire based on experience.

Now that we’ve seen the Todd Dodge experiment fall flat, it’s time to hire another coach, but not one that is just a big name or local media darling.  The program needs to hire a coach that is known for college football, not high school or pros.  The fans want to see wins, not spout the name of their coach when faced with a one-win season.

4. Better recruiting.

With a new stadium, it should be clear that UNT is a big draw.  It’s time to harness that interest and get some good players on our team in lacking positions.  With the new stadium being built, UNT has the chance to turn the program around completely and bring it back to the days of early-2000’s glory.

5. A rivalry.

Any school worth having buzz about it’s athletic program has some sort of rivalry with another school.  When 20 students were polled about who they considered to be the biggest rival to the UNT football team, there was not a consistent answer.  With so many teams in the Sun Belt conference, surely one of them must have a history with the team that is not played up in any sort of pep rally or pregame event. This will polarize the fans and get them to root even harder for UNT.

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