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Politics as Usual in Denton?

by on October 17, 2010

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Wondering what the political climate in Denton is like this season? We surveyed North Texas residents of all ages and backgrounds to get their opinions on the candidates and the current state of affairs.

Which best expresses your views?
Obama supporter: 27%
Tea Party supporter: 24%
In the middle: 20%
Religious Right: 17%
Bigger government is better: 10%
Don’t know: 2%

University of North Texas graduate student, Rachel Gollay, told us her ideal government would “eliminate the electoral college, free public college education, pass an inclusive ENDA and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, abolish government-sanctioned marriage, tax the rich, tax churches, and withdraw from Afghanistan.”

Do you think Obama is doing a good job in office?
Somewhat: 44%
Yes: 27%
No: 21%
Don’t know: 8%

“It’s a hard job, but [Obama]‘s doing OK.” –North Texas resident Eli Cumpton

Are you satisfied with how the government is now handling the war?
No: 52%
Somewhat: 27%
Yes: 15%
Don’t know: 7%

A recent UNT graduate who is now serving in the military had this to say about the war: “Obama received the wars; he didn’t start them. A sudden, absolute pull out would be insanity, and therefore hasn’t happened. The causes for and against the war are almost moot at this point, as the reality on the ground has changed. Now the U.S. needs to maintain a presence in Afghanistan that ensures a secular, stable nation.”

We also wanted to know how Denton-ites are planning on voting this election.

Are you registered to vote in the state of Texas?
Yes: 68%
No: 28%
Not sure: 4%

The Texas state governor elections are coming up on November 2nd. Who are you planning on voting for?
Bill White: 43%
Rick Perry: 36%
Not Voting: 13%
Don’t know yet: 8%

What political party do you associate with?
Democratic: 35%
Republican: 35%
Independent: 25%
Other: 6%

Which political view do you agree with most?
Liberal: 34%
Moderate: 29%
Conservative: 28%
Other: 10%

Survey taken from a sample of 200 North Texas residents.

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