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A day in Horse Country

by on October 17, 2010

Getting close and personal on North Texas Horse Country Tours (Image courtesy of the Denton Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Ever since I was little I’ve been afraid of horses. So when it was decided that I would be going to a local horse ranch to check out the North Texas Horse Country Tours I was less than excited about it. My head was filled with images of the State Fair farm exhibits of my childhood.

But what actually greeted me at the Tabor Ranch in Aubrey was a well kept and clean ranch with animals that looked relaxed and natural instead of jittery and on edge. We met Izanna Villanueva, who showed us around the ranch and introduced us to some of the award-winning and world famous horses at Tabor Ranch. She also showed us how the ranch makes most of its money, which is by collecting and selling horse semen. Which I personally was not prepared for and found very… enlightening.

Brooks or Dunn is one of the stallions that stands at Tabor Ranch. (Image courtesy

Many ranches like the Tabor Ranch are a part of the North Texas Horse Country Tours. These ranches specialize in anything from reigning to halter horses and the tours are designed to not only educate people on what exactly goes on at a ranch, but to get people up close and personal with the people and the animals at these ranches. And believe me when I say you will be up close and personal. Many of the ranches make their money from breeding and how they go about collecting the semen is included in the tour, so if you want to bring your kids, make sure you have had the “birds and the bees” talk or else you’ll have some serious explaining to do.

But all in all, the North Texas Horse Country Tour is a great way to spend an afternoon. I saw some of the most beautiful animals I’ve ever seen before. And even with my slight horse aversion I still found myself genuinely enthralled with the tour. After my day of fresh air and magnificent animals I even found myself a little sad to be heading back to my city life.

Video courtesy Tabor Ranch

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