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The Best Music Scene in Texas

by on October 10, 2010

It’s not a small town where all the locals know everybody and are up with the latest gossip.  Though you can still find a lot of that in Denton, TX, one of fastest growing cities in Texas. And what’s growing just as fast is it’s entertainment.   In 2008 Paste Magazine named Denton “the Best Music Scene” for its ability to churn out creative musicians that are “Square” grown such as Brave Combo, Midlake and Sarah Jaffe, to name a few.  But it’s not just the music scene that makes the Denton Square a hot spot.  The entertainment that is growing along with the different music sounds is its ability to truly offer something for everyone.  The mix and match to fit your own tastes doesn’t even have to happen at the same time and it mixes and complements history, food and music.

The shops and eateries around the Square are unique enough to attract visitors looking for something different in taste and for their taste buds.  Places like the Chestnut Tree which offers a boutique style shop and a tea room to sit and have lunch are what some visitors hope to find in small towns.  Other places that have been labeled distinct include Sleeping Lizards, a gift shop, and Recycled Books where you just might bump into Larry McMurtry looking for a rare find.

But it is the music on the Denton Square that is the most entertaining for the younger generation.  The wide range of different music styles is what makes the square so intriguing.  Eclectic sounds might come out of Banter and one street over a musical at the Campus Theatre will receive a standing ovation.  You never know when you walk into The Boiler Room if it is Pops Carter that will be singing blues or Vanessa Helvy singing Americana.  And you have not experienced giddy fun on the Square until you experience 80’s Dance night every Thursday night at Hailey’s.

The Denton Square has the entertainment to encourage visitors to eat shop, play or enjoy music during the day on the Courthouse-on-Square-lawn but it is when the sun goes down the Square is alive with the vibe of an ever growing hub for music.

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