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This Changes Everything

by on October 4, 2010

In a world that is constantly evolution technological, its not a surprise that the way even live concerts are experienced is changing. Remember when you used to call someone who wasn’t with you whenever there favorite song was being played by the band, then direct the phone toward the stage for them to listen. What did the other person or you usually hear? Usually nothing more than really distorted noise. But today’s music lover can experience their favorite artists live shows in new ways. As smart phones get smarter, then the user experience is completely consolidated into using just one device. First, I can search for the best deals and purchase my tickets using my iPhone by using apps such as Siri, or even the artist’s personal app. Then when it’s the day of the show, I grab my phone head out the door and listen to music on my iPhone ipod app on the way to the venue. All while being guided by Google maps to give me directions. I get out, and use Parking Mate or ParkPal to remember where my car is parked and help guide me back after the show. I go inside the venue and wait for the music to start. As I’m waiting for the headliner I hop on Twitter and Facebook and update where I am. A friend replies that they’re at the same show, so we go meet up. After we catch up we return to our spots and get ready for the show. As the band is playing I’m able to take pictures with the 5-megapixel camera and shoot 720p HD footage, all with the convenience of my iPhone. Now I can upload my videos straight to Youtube, and post the pictures straight to my mobile me account, and to Facebook so people can check them out. For my friend who couldn’t come, I send her a MMS of my best pictures of the show. After the show I head back to my car and head home after a night of great music, enhanced by use of incredible technology. Today’s concertgoers are much different than those of the Woodstock days. Technology is changing the way we interact and experience one of the world’s oldest pastimes. Yes, this changes everything.

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